What is Tanjarine?

Tanjarine is an integrated ordering, payment and entertainment solution that enhances your restaurant's dining experience. Guests can browse menus, order, communicate with their server, enroll in loyalty programs, provide feedback, play games and music, and pay their bill—all from tablets at their tables.

As a subsidiary of TouchTunes, the largest provider of in-venue music and entertainment with 15 years of experience and 71,500 jukeboxes worldwide, we provide our customers with an unmatched level of attention and support. Whether you’re a single location or chain of 1,000, you’ll find dedicated support in any market in North America.

Is a tablet solution right for your restaurant?

Each restaurant has unique needs and its own approach. Whether you’re an independent restaurant, franchisee or a corporately owned chain, we can tailor a solution that’s right for you. We start by asking a few key questions: 

  • Are you looking to increase average check size or speed of service?

  • Do you need to lower your operating expenses?

  • Do you want to provide new ways to engage and entertain your guests?

  • Are guest analytics or increasing loyalty program enrollment vital to your business plan?

These are just some of the measurable benefits a Tanjarine solution provides. We provide the hardware, the platform, the training and the support you need to put these tools to work for your business.

What’s included?

Our platform includes innovative tabletop tablets, server handhelds, and television screens strategically placed throughout bars and restaurants. These components work seamlessly together to provide a payment, analytics and guest entertainment solution and this dining and entertainment experience gives guests more control and more ways to engage.

10" Android tablet

Our tabletop tablet, the heart of our platform, is an all-in-one ordering, entertainment and payment portal that revolutionizes the restaurant experience. Offer one per party or one per guest, whichever services your business needs best.  

Server handhelds

We know that server and staff efficiency goes directly to your bottom line. Tanjarine enables servers to manage orders and fulfill requests on the fly, while having a better grasp of what is going on at each table in real time. When your staff is equipped with our 5” handhelds, both they and your guests will appreciate a new level of attention and communication.

  • Improve quality and speed of service
  • Higher check averages mean bigger tips
  • Improve accuracy of orders

Second screen TVs

We’re dedicated to ensuring that all guests enjoy an entertaining experience. Whether they opt for a tablet or not, our dedicated TVs give guests an interactive entertainment option and give you an opportunity to showcase menu items, highlight specials, and offer other promotions in a highly visible multimedia format.


POS Integration

We integrate with a range of POS systems that enables pay at the table and lets you control guests' order flow via the server handheld. Orders from the tablet are sent directly to the kitchen with a notification to server. If labor efficiency and table turns are the goal, orders can be routed to servers before the kitchen as a “gatekeeper.”  

Our solution also provides significant benefits without POS integration. Guests can order any menu item, page their server, or request their check—all routed directly to their servers’ handheld.

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How can we help improve your business?

Our platform supports an array of implementation models—all adapted to meet your goals, not the other way around. Whether you need to control operating expenses by improving staff efficiency or grow top-line revenues through higher check averages and faster table turns, Tanjarine helps make meeting your business goals easier.

  • Faster table turns

  • Encrypted secure payment

  • Increase loyalty program enrollment

  • Operational efficiencies

  • Customer surveys

  • 365 local support

  • Increased revenue

  • Improved staff responsiveness

  • Engage and entertain your guests

  • Real-time analytics

  • Higher server tips

  • And much, much more